Station: [001] Instruction

You have selected the "EXPRESS" audio guide which provides a quick overview of the FEUER.WEHRK exhibition.

At each station you will be introduced to a certain topic and to certain objects representing it.

Further information can be found on the plates along your walk or next to an object displayed in the exhibition.

The tour starts in front of the fire station at the green meeting point sign hanging from the ceiling in the entrance area. There you will find your first station, number 2. It is marked with a black number on a sign near the leather fire buckets.

As you continue, please follow the red line on the floor. On your way you will find more signs referring to the audio stations.

For advice and explanation choose your current station in the "EXPRESS" audio guide menu on your smartphone by touching the corresponding number.

You can stop, continue or repeat the recording at any time.

Take your time walking around and enjoy the Red Giants...