Station: [005] Human

The fireman himself was and remains the key element in fire fighting.

All devices are futile without him.

His knowledge, responsibility, courage and his calm determination are essential for the success of a mission.

Therefore major attention is paid to his training and physical fitness.

When time is pressing, when circumstances are adverse, e.g. when operating in the dark, each and every move has to be precise. Only then can each firefighter rely on each other.

Practice is paramount.

Modern society has created new sources of danger. Firefighters need more and more knowledge and skills, additional training and additional education.

Moreover, the rescuers need special protection. Fireproof clothing, respiratory devices and meticulous maintenance of all equipment are vital to ensure their health.

The first firefighters moistened their own beards and attached those over their mouths with a piece of cloth to filter the smoke. Decades later, breathing apparatus has become a standard equipment.


Our community cannot function without the idealism of the firefighters. All volunteer and professional fire fighters deserve respect for this - more than some want to admit!

Please continue along the red line and follow the flow of the water . . .