Station: [31] Conclusion

M 1: In the course of our tour, we’ve explored the large Jerichow Monastery complex with its medieval buildings, its 19th century demesne buildings and its extensive garden. Maintaining and preserving this rich cultural treasure is a huge responsibility. Simply preserving the many historic buildings isn’t enough – it’s also essential to find a suitable use for each of them.

Jerichow Monastery has already made considerable progress along that route. The church and the cloister, as well as such farm buildings as the former calf shed, or the large "stork barn" near the entrance, have already been restored in accordance with heritage requirements. The stork barn, for example, can be hired for events. And there are now holiday flats in the old administrative building, where you can stay overnight.

A new orchard has been planted in front of the former cowshed. The fruit grown there is processed by the monastery's own distillery.

These days, Jerichow Monastery is once again brimming with life and activity.

The church serves as the parish church of this small town, with morning prayers being held every weekday. Various events also take place in the church and in the historic rooms of the monastery. They include Jerichow’s Summer Music Festival, the Spring Market and the Advent Market. One of the outbuildings is now used by a club devoted to vintage cars. Every year in August, they hold a big vintage car rally in the farmyard.

The 900 year old Jerichow Monastery is worth a visit at any time of year – so make sure you come and visit us again!