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MiM - Museum in Motion & European Night of the Museum presents: Generale by Enrico Baj

MiM Museum in Motion - Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art 06. May 2015

mim Museum in Motion in Italy (Piacenza, Castle of San Pietro in Cerro) participates in the long European Night of Museums 2015 on Saturday May 16: support us in Italy and Europe and voted our image-icon clicking "like" on this link Competition 1Qao6RC - share and spread the word!

Vote (Enrico Baj, General, 1971, Silk-screen and collage)
The well-known General of Enrico Baj is a playful portrait of a decorated man, wearing a camouflage uniform. It’s an ironic depiction, reminiscent of official political modern portraits: the General looks like he’s angry, with red eyes and is doing funny gestures with his hands, as if he was acting in a theatrical play. Baj was inspired by Pataphysics, the ironic “science of imaginary solutions”.
Le célèbre Général d’Enrico Baj représente un homme à la poitrine ornée de médailles, vêtu d’un uniforme de camouflage. C’est un portrait ironique, faisant référence aux représentations officielles d’hommes politiques modernes : le Général a l’air furieux, avec ses yeux rouges et ses gestes brusques, comme s’il jouait dans une pièce de théâtre. Baj fût inspiré par la « Pataphysique », l’ironique « science des solutions imaginaires ».
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