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"Everything in the green zone" - this is how the town that is home to production horticulture advertises itself. For those who are not familiar with the multi-layered structure of the town of Straelen, it is simply the "flower town". Year after year, more flowers and vegetables are marketed here, in the middle of one of the largest closed horticultural areas in Europe, than anywhere else in Germany. In the Straelen urban area alone, around 200 companies grow horticultural products or are involved in agriculture.

Straelen's landmark is the Green Couch in front of the town hall. It is a symbol of growth, change and well-being. It has stood here for more than 20 years and invites you to take a seat - true to the motto "People like to settle down here". Everyone should definitely take a photo on it when visiting the flower town.

The old houses, idyllic squares and churches are cherished and cared for. Historic, detailed facades and new buildings form a successful interplay of tradition and modernity. In between are lovingly laid out flowerbeds - just as a flower town should be.

The oldest building in the town is the Straelen town archive, which is over 450 years old. Right next door is the European College of Translators, the world's only international working center for literary translators. Every year, around 750 translators come to Straelen with an assignment to work here in a pleasant, collegial atmosphere.

Straelen is nestled in beautiful recreational and nature conservation areas, such as the Schwalm-Nette Nature Park or the Maasduinen, which border on Straelen to the west. But the areas around Paesmühle, the Niersbroeker Bruch, the Loerheide, the Straelener Veen and the Buschberge south of the village of Herongen are also unique natural and cultural landscapes.

More than 300 kilometers of well-maintained cycle paths, away from the busy roads, await the friends of silent locomotion. Pedal riders can glide effortlessly through the beautiful, flat landscape of the Lower Rhine past farms and greenhouses. Many e-bike charging stations offer undisturbed riding pleasure. The various cafés along the routes provide refreshments. Those who prefer to walk should visit the "Paesmühle" recreation area. The smugglers' trail on the German-Dutch border in Straelen-Kastanienburg is also recommended for children. The adventure route in the middle of nature offers climbing fun and hide-and-seek.


[1] Europäische Übersetzer-Kollegium Straelen
[2] Stadtarchiv
[3] Pfarrkirche St. Peter und Paul
[4] Marktbrunnen und Glockenspiel
[5] St. Martins Brunnen
[6] Kanone auf der Klosterstraße
[7] Grüne Couch
[8] Mühlentor (ehemaliges Stadttor)
[9] Hochzeitskapelle Paesmühle
[10] Heronger Mühle
[11] ehem. Fliegerhorst Venlo
[12] Schleusenwärterhaus am Nordkanal in Herongen
[13] Junggesellenstein Kreuzrinne
[14] St. Lucia-Pumpe an der Küfergasse
[15] Brunnen an der Venloer Straße
[16] Burg Vlassrath