Station: [1] Welcome

Hello and welcome to the Klostermuseum Schuttern, the Schuttern Monastery Museum. It’s housed in the former refectory, where the monks took their meals. Schuttern Monastery used to be huge and had a turbulent history. Perhaps you’d like to find out more? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s its legendary founding by the Scots-Irish nobleman Offo in 603, then the monastery‘s heyday in the 9th century, followed by unsettled times involving fires, looting and wars, a late Baroque flowering and finally, the monastery’s almost unnoticed dissolution in 1806. Our museum will take you on a journey through Schuttern's long history.

The Monastery Museum is in the cream-coloured building just behind the church. It’s the former refectory and later became the home of the parish rector. But our audio tour will also take you around the interior of the venerable monastery church – now the parish church. Of course, that includes the famous mosaic medallion from the early 12th century, which is beneath the floor of the present church. The tour also includes a number of key sites in Schuttern and its immediate surroundings. All stops can be accessed separately and in any order you prefer. Simply follow the maps or the list of stops on your screen.

And now: have fun exploring more than a thousand years of history.

All depictions: © Historischer Verein Schuttern 603 e.V. / Gemeinde Friesenheim