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Ratskirche St. Marien

Astronomical Clock of St. Marys
Under the organ gallery there is a functioning astronomical clock, which, thanks to a local goldsmith, reliably shows the time, moon phases and the course of the year using the signs of the zodiac.
View from the east
View of the church from Winckelmannplatz


Our St. Marys Church, the church of the former aldermen and tradesmen, represented the centre of the city in ancient days. St. Marys Church was consecrated at Bartholomew’s Day 1447. The historic interior is almost original. Below the balcony of the organ you can see the precious astronomic clock that still works today. These special clocks can only be found in Hanseatic Cities. The treasure of the steeples are the 12 bells, the greatest peal of bells in the Altmark. Gerd van Wou, a famous master from the Netherlands, cast two of the bells, the “Maria” and the “Anna”. He is also creator of the great “Gloriosa” bell in the Dome of Erfurt."