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Schaufling: The magic of the countryside

Schaufling, a place where the Lallinger Winkel, the Bavarian Forest and the Danube plain come together! Schaufling, the gateway to the Lallinger Winkel.

Pleasantly rural, but at the same time with excellent connections to the cities of Deggendorf and Passau as well as short distances to Munich, Regensburg and Prague.

In addition to the main town of Schaufling, almost 1600 inhabitants live in 26 villages and hamlets covering an area of 25.5 square kilometers.

The proximity to the town of Deggendorf (10 km) with direct access to the A 3 and A 92 highways provides all the advantages and benefits that a town can offer.

Situated at the foot of the 915 m high "Hausstein" in the foothills of the Bavarian Forest, Schaufling offers a wonderful low mountain range landscape with rich flora and fauna. The rural area with extensive mixed forests - over 50% of the municipal area is woodland - invites you to enjoy a wide range of health and leisure activities in a lovable and liveable environment.

You can find all the facilities and amenities directly on site or in the immediate vicinity and don't have to "travel many kilometers".

Schaufling has a very active and open community life -  Family friendliness is also very important in Schaufling. 

The precious nature offers an endless variety of leisure activities. In addition to numerous leisure activities throughout the municipality, the "hiking and cross-country skiing center" on the Rusel invites you to be active and take a deep breath in the pure, healthy air of the Bavarian Forest. There is something for everyone here in both summer and winter.

The historic viewpoints "Königstein" and "Gessingerstein" offer a magnificent view of the "Lallinger Winkel", "Brotjacklriegel" and across the "Donautal" to the "Alps". The GEHsundheitsweg trail on the Rusel invites you to explore. 

The GEHsundheitsweg is located in the Rusel-Hausstein hiking area. You will find the starting point on the ST 2135 state road at the Ruselabsatz parking lot (10 km from Deggendorf town center and 7 km from Schaufling). Directions by public transport at

Information about the hiking area and refreshment stops can be found on the board at the starting point, at the Deggendorfer Land tourism office, tel. 0991/3100-2341 and at

Schaufling is the ideal starting point for excursions into the Bavarian Forest. Visit the Bavarian Forest National Park, the towns on the famous Glass Route, the border station in Bayerisch Eisenstein or treat yourself to a visit to the old towns of Passau, Regensburg or Prague.

Horse riding, swimming, mountain biking - or would you prefer a round of tennis or golf? Everything is possible. Our local mountain, the Hausstein, is also an Eldorado for paragliders, the new TransBayerwald route for mountain bikers leads through Schaufling and the Lallinger Winkel and there are also several routes signposted for Nordic walkers in the Lallinger Winkel region, to which Schaufling belongs.

The 18-hole golf course on the Rusel at an altitude of 700 m is a special feature in the region. The very challenging course is located in the middle of the beautiful landscape of the Bavarian Forest nature reserve.

The entire Lallinger Winkel, including Schaufling, is criss-crossed by a wonderful network of hiking trails. Whether easy and short, or a little more challenging - there is something for every hiker.