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Rathaus Strasburg (Um.)


The town hall, which was renovated in 1999, is a combination of old and modern. New, faithful copies of the ceramic rosette on the old façade of the building, which was built in 1849, were painstakingly produced. It is thanks to them and the other stucco and plaster work on the façade that the historic building shines in new splendor. However, original elements were not only taken over and reconstructed on the outside, but also on the inside. Of course, Strasburg Town Hall also offers functionality and clarity for visitors. In the main entrance area there is an elevator for the disabled. Spread over 2 floors, as well as the first floor, visitors can present their concerns to employees in a wide variety of areas. The attractively designed town hall square in the rear courtyard of the building is also the venue for the annual town hall concert.