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Heimatmuseum Strasburg (Um.)


The museum is located in one of the oldest buildings (built in 1760) in the town of Strasburg. The newly furnished schoolroom bears witness to the building´s original significance as a school. You can still imagine yourself in the time of 1900 and feel the atmosphere of the former institution. The museum building, which was renovated in 1996, also houses two richly decorated tiled stoves from 19th century Strasbourg potteries. One focus of the collection and exhibition activities, however, is dedicated to the Huguenots (French religious refugees) who came to Strasbourg in 1691. Of particular historical significance is the 100-year-old straw clock built by master shoemaker Otto Wegener. It is unique and known throughout the world. The museum also offers regional artists the opportunity to present their work in a gallery. Further information can be found on the Museum of Local History page. Opening hours: all year round Tue - Thu 14:00 to 17:00; every even calendar week on Sundays 14:00 to 16:00