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Hansestadt Wismar


Lübsche Straße 23 a
23966 Wismar
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Welcome to Wismar

The mighty brick cathedrals tower high into the sky above Wismar - St. Georgen, St. Marien and St. Nikolai characterise the image of the venerable Hanseatic city and greet visitors from afar from the land or sea side. 
With its monumental churches, the impressive market square with its carefully restored town houses and the waterworks, Wismar has one of the best-preserved medieval town centres in Germany. The ideally developed town centre from the heyday of the Hanseatic league has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002. 
If you stroll across the cobbled market square into the adjoining alleys you will encounter cultural-historical buildings of different styles and eras at every turn.
The colourful gabled houses of the Krämerstraße are home to individual shops, galleries and restaurants. Regional specialities such as home-brewed beer and traditional fish dishes are served here. The small cafés are perfect for a break. It is wonderful to sit here with coffee and home-baked cakes and watch the colourful hustle and bustle in the pedestrian zone.
Thanks to its exceptional location on the Mecklenburg Baltic Sea, Wismar has been connected to the sea for centuries. Wismar's long seafaring tradition can best be experienced at the old harbour of the Hanseatic city. Next to a historic, typically Hanseatic cog, large cruise ships are moored, passenger ships invite you on excursions and local fishermen sell their freshly caught goods directly from the cutter, sailor's yarn included. It smells of salt and seaweed, seagulls screech in the air and the vastness of the Baltic Sea opens up to the visitor's gaze.
The famous Baltic seaside resorts with their white sandy beaches are close by. The marvellous surroundings of the Hanseatic city are perfect destinations for a bicycle tour. The offshore island Poel is perfect for a hiking trip and can be reached by boat and bike from Wismar. 
Throughout the year, the Hanseatic city offers a charming backdrop for its many different events, such as the Herring Days, the Swedish Festival or concerts in St George's Church. 
In the UNESCO World Heritage city of Wismar, history and modernity merge to create a lively place with maritime flair, which is quietly developing into a cultural meeting place right on the Baltic Sea coast.


[1] Welt-Erbe-Haus
[2] Heiligen-Geist-Kirche
[3] Fürstenhof
[4] St.-Georgen-Kirche
[5] St.-Marien-Kirchturm
[6] Archidiakonat
[7] Wasserkunst
[8] Alter Schwede
[9] Rathaus und Marktplatz Wismar
[10] Zum Weinberg
[11] Karstadt Stammhaus und Krämerstraße
[12] Stadtgeschichtliches Museum der Hansestadt Wismar SCHABBELL
[13] St.-Nikolai-Kirche
[14] Lindengarten
[15] Die Grube und das Gewölbe
[16] Am Lohberg
[17] Scheuerstraße
[18] Brauhaus am Lohberg
[19] Wassertor
[20] Baumhaus
[21] Zeughaus Wismar
[22] Welt-Erbe-Lehrpfad
[23] Seebrücke Wismar im Seebad Wendorf