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Kinheim once belonged to the "Kröver Reich" and shared its history. At times it was even its capital, as Kinheim Castle also served as the seat of government. A bridge connects it to the district of Kindel on the other side of the river; only small remains of the tower of the old government castle remain. However, a stroll through the narrow alleyways with their beautiful wine yards will easily take you back to the time when abbots and counts fought with the bailiffs over the "tithe", which was settled in barrels of wine. Today, visitors pay in bottles, which they can buy directly from the winegrower after sampling the wine. An old tradition can be traced back to the Celtic wine god Sucellus, a statue of whom was found in Kinheim.

Kindel, a peaceful little village, is a district of Kinheim Kindel and is an ideal starting point for hikes between vineyards and forests. And even if it sounds a little exaggerated that the world ends here, it is true for the riverside road on the right-hand side of the Moselle. Kindel offers an abundance of romantic corners, half-timbered houses worth seeing, old wine farms - but also modern, cozy hotels, restaurants, wine taverns, guesthouses and vacation apartments that invite you to take a break. There are several marked hiking trails with a total length of around 25 km. You can also make beautiful excursions through the Moselle valley by bike. A cycle path leads from Kinheim downstream via Kröv to Traben-Trarbach. Upstream, you can choose between two routes. One leads along the banks via Lösnich and Erden to Zeltingen-Rachtig. The other branches off at Lösnich and leads along a gentle Moselle ridgeway to Zeltingen-Rachtig.



[1] Harelbekeplatz
[2] Roemischer Weinbau
[3] Roemischer Kelterstein
[4] Echternacher Hof
[5] Geburtshaus Josef Bechtel
[6] Grafenhof
[7] Wohnhaus Graf-Spee Straße 11
[8] Hubertuslay
[9] Rosenberg
[10] Raiffeisenkasse Kinheim
[11] Wegekreuz Kees
[12] Wohnhaus Burgstrasse 71
[13] Alte Burg Kinheim
[14] Echternacher Hof
[15] Großbrand in der Pützgasse
[16] Altes Rathaus
[17] Domkapitularhof
[18] Kinheimer Weinbaugenossenschaft
[19] Pfarrhaus
[20] Wohnhaus Burgstraße 24
[21] Wohnhaus Burgstraße 14
[22] Wohnhaus Burgstraße 15
[23] Wohnhaus Burgstraße 13
[24] Wohnhaus Burgstraße 11
[25] Ehrenmal an der Katholische Kirche St. Martin
[26] Kreuz im Rosenberg
[27] Sucellus
[28] Alter Bahndamm
[29] Wohnhaus Schiffergasse 16
[30] Römische Villa