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LVR-Archäologischer Park Xanten

View from outside
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The Archaeological Open-Air Museum The LVR Archaeological Park, the largest archaeological open-air museum in Germany, is a rewarding destination for history enthusiasts and friends of Roman culture. Roman history is brought to life on the site of the ancient provincial city of Colonia Ulpia Traiana. The impressive reconstructions of Roman buildings in the park, briefly known as APX, show what life was like in a Roman provincial city. Spectacular buildings include the harbor temple, the amphitheater, the inn, and the imposing city wall with defense towers. At the APX, watch archaeologists during a "live excavation," explore Roman domestic spaces and craftsmen's homes, inspect the shipyard, or participate in numerous activities! From May to September, the "Roman weekends" take place - an experience for the whole family! The LVR-Roman Museum An exciting tour guides you from the time of Caesar to the Frankish period through the Roman history of Xanten. Ancient artifacts and modern media in the Roman Museum make clear what Roman life looked like 2000 years ago. Not only looking, but also touching and participating is encouraged here! The 20-meter-high Roman Museum impresses with the dimensions of the entrance hall of the Great Baths of the Roman city. During your visit to the Roman Museum, you can also inspect the exposed ruins of this Roman bath complex. Text/Fotos: © TIX, ©