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Siegfried-Mosaik am Markt (Stadtcafé)


The Creation of the Mosaic

The mosaic was crafted in 1954 by the artist Hein Driessen. It is composed of stones from the Niederrheinische Baukeramik (Lower Rhine Building Ceramics) in Emmerich-Vrasselt. The choice of these materials gives the artwork a rustic yet timeless aesthetic. The mosaic is located in the Stadt-Café (City Café) at the Xantener Markt (Xanten Market) and greets visitors with its impressive depiction.

The Scene

At the heart of the mosaic lies the dramatic moment when Hagen murders Siegfried. This episode from the Nibelung Saga is of central importance and shapes the story of Siegfried and Kriemhild. Siegfried, the valiant hero who defeated the dragon Fafnir and acquired the legendary Nibelung treasure, is portrayed here in his tragic hour. Hagen, a loyal companion, betrays him and thrusts a spear into his back.

The Symbolism

The Siegfried Mosaic goes beyond mere artistic representation. It connects the town of Xanten to the Nibelung Saga, serving as a reminder of a time when heroes, dragons, and treasures fueled people’s imaginations. The legend of Siegfried and Kriemhild is a cultural heritage that continues to captivate and inspire.