Station: [942] Ah-Hyun Kim Lee from Korea

  • Bibelhaus Erlebnis Museum

Ah-Hyun Kim Lee moved with her family to Frankfurt in 2002. She comes from Seoul, just like her conversational partner Sung-Ming Park. Both are active in a Korean free church in Kronberg. There are around 20 Korean-language Protestant churches in Frankfurt, some catholic, some reformed and some evangelical. Around a quarter of the population of Korea are Christian, 30% are Buddhist and 40% are non-religious. Christianity in Korea has been strongly characterised by missionaries from the USA. There are therefore many Pentecostal and charismatic churches there, in particular. The Christian revival movements of 100 years ago were especially popular. One characteristic is often a particularly strict way of living and a word-for-word understanding of the Bible. They often attract members of the traditional church, i.e. the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church or the reformatory churches. This means that there are countless forms of Christianity all over the world... and in Frankfurt.