Station: [945] Natalie Muswamba from Congo

  • Bibelhaus Erlebnis Museum

Here you can listen to a conversation with a member of the Evangelical French Reformed Church. Natalie Muswamba is part of the francophone section of the congregation, which has become increasingly lively over the last 13 years. Aside from an integrative kindergarten and an integrative school, a centre for migrants and refugees from Central Africa and beyond has also sprung up in the French Reformed Church. Services of worship are regularly held in French. Natalie Muswamba, who worked as a public prosecutor in her native Congo, tells how the church community welcomed her in.

History and life stories show many approaches to the Bible. Some remain foreign; others inspire reflection. With its recurring call to love one another, the Bible must be a tool to recognise and denounce the misuse of power in the name of ideologies and religions. Within the wide variety of cultures and languages, the Bible can be a tool for understanding.

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