Station: [937] Beatrice Onyegbule-Onyele from Nigeria

  • Bibelhaus Erlebnis Museum

Beatrice Onyegbule-Onyele followed her husband to Germany in 1965 as a nurse. She comes from the city of Umuahia in Nigeria, belongs to the educated class of her people and had a top position in a hospital there. Her native language is Igbu. Since Nigeria was a British colony, the language of the administration is still English today.

After her arrival, she realised that few people in Germany speak English. The first years here were hard. In addition to her specialist books for her profession as a nurse, she brought her English Bible with her. In the hospital in Hanau, a colleague gave her a Bible in her native Igbu language. In her book "Chikwe – it’s still a dream", she writes about her experiences between the two worlds. She has managed to provide for her family over the years with her income from her work as a nurse.

Beatrice Onyele is a mother and grandmother. She has been an active member of her community in Frankfurt for decades. She was elected as a member of the parish council and represents her church in the city synod of the Protestant church in Frankfurt. She is speaking with the youth delegate of her parish council – a 16 year-old student from Frankfurt.